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a premier provider of senior-level executive search specifically tailored towards the industrial sector launches in Frankfurt.

The company is based in Germany, founded by a UK national and serving the European markets.

It has been created in order to serve the industrial sector, a unique, technical and dynamic market place that is constantly evolving and it is founded on the belief that a true depth of industry specialism and knowledge can support and deliver the best possible result.  

"We strive to be the best in practice in the belief that by dedicating ourselves towards achieving excellence we can achieve the same for our clients. 

We want to push the boundaries of the perception of Executive Search to show the true long term value of our contribution, and to challenge our clients to think differently about what a search firm can be."

For more information please contact:

mobile: +49 162 793 37 37 (+49 162 RYDERES)

The Situation

A large global technology manufacturer was in the process of change managing its operational processes. The crucial next step was to establish a global quality leader to oversee and develop a new quality and quality customer service structure.

The Challenge

With a manufacturing footprint comprising more than 40 production units, supported by a sales & service network spanning 100 + countries, the Client required a quality leader that understood both quality and quality customer service at a very high level across a global organisations incorporating different cultures and leadership styles.

The Solution

It was clear that such an assignment could only be completed by a manager capable of:

  • A proven track record in Global Quality and Customer Service Leadership

  • Leading and driving a large-scale, constantly evolving project

  • Demonstrating leadership and leading by example through direct involvement

  • Mobilizing and motivating employees on an ambitious project

  • Continually reassessing processes and taking immediate actions, which would require retraining employees and instilling them with a sense of responsibility

We secured a highly Global Quality Manager who possessed all of these capabilities. He had an excellent track record from a highly considered global organisation and a mixed background from industrial and automotive combined with highly developed knowledge, progressive and up-to-date knowledge of quality and customer service.

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