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Case Study: Global Quality Leader

The Situation

A large global technology manufacturer was in the process of change managing its operational processes. The crucial next step was to establish a global quality leader to oversee and develop a new quality and quality customer service structure.

The Challenge

With a manufacturing footprint comprising more than 40 production units, supported by a sales & service network spanning 100 + countries, the Client required a quality leader that understood both quality and quality customer service at a very high level across a global organisations incorporating different cultures and leadership styles.

The Solution

It was clear that such an assignment could only be completed by a manager capable of:

  • A proven track record in Global Quality and Customer Service Leadership

  • Leading and driving a large-scale, constantly evolving project

  • Demonstrating leadership and leading by example through direct involvement

  • Mobilizing and motivating employees on an ambitious project

  • Continually reassessing processes and taking immediate actions, which would require retraining employees and instilling them with a sense of responsibility

We secured a highly Global Quality Manager who possessed all of these capabilities. He had an excellent track record from a highly considered global organisation and a mixed background from industrial and automotive combined with highly developed knowledge, progressive and up-to-date knowledge of quality and customer service.

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