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Delivering the right candidate has never been so critical for the sake of our clients.   Despite our boutique size we have a global network comprised of industry specialists and senior advisors which enables us to stay current with technological trends and market knowledge.  In addition we have an enviable contact database and technology based search tools to enable us to find the exceptional individuals that will drive our Clients' businesses forward. 

Our search process has been careful considered and tailored to our industry expertise using a up-to-date techniques based on a number of interview technique philosophies and leadership based analysis.

Candidates & Specialism

Our Candidates


We find talented individuals for a range of different management levels within organisations, including:

  • Board Regional & Country Board

  • Regional Management & Country Management

  • Business Unit Management

  • Specialists Mid Management

If you are interested in finding a new and exciting job opportunity, please contact us.

Our Specialism

Our focus points include:

  • Procurement including:  CPO, VP Procurement, Category VP/Director/Supplier Development Director/ Senior Purchasing Manager

  • Quality and Operational Excellence:  Quality VP/ Director, Lean VP Director/ Head of Operational Execellence, Regional CI Leaders, EHS VP / Director

  • Manufacturing: COO, Technical VP, Manufacturing VP/Director, Plant Director/Manager, Managing Director, Senior Production Manager, R&D Director, General Manager

  • Supply Chain: Chief Supply Chain Officer, Supply Chain Director, Planning VP/Director, Logistics VP, Director, Head of S+OP, Supply Planning, Warehouse VP, Distribution Manager

  • Digital: CDO, Head of Digital, VP Digital, Digital Director



Step 1

Project Definition.

Step 2

Target Company List.

Step 3


Step 4

Screening & Selection.

Step 5

Short List Presentation.

Step 6

Client Interview

Step 7

Offer to Completion.

Step 8

Review & Follow-Up.




What is it?


Interim management offers a proactive and flexible solution, when an immediate need for leadership arises. Clients enlist the services of a highly qualified individual with normally a minimum of 15 years market experience to address a number of commercial scenarios on a temporary basis, for example this can be to:


  • Keep their organisations on course during periods of transition

  • Lead them through change management process

  • Lead a transaction or change management process

  • M&A and managing post M&A integration

  • Business partnership

What we offer 


Interim and Change Management positions occupy a special place in the Industrial and Manufacturing sector.  They require a special knowledge and understanding especially when implementing change management and turnaround solutions.

We offer connections into this market area that support the best possible operational efficiency and operations management processes.




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